“Family-Friendly” Rave Debuting in Dubai

An interesting and new dance event is set to premiere in the Middle East. The city of Dubai is known to be the center of nightlife and entertainment in the UAE and will play host to the “family friendly” event. The event is called Party Monsters and will take place in Dubai on November 11. It will feature a host of activities that will cater to infants, children, and adults.

A variety of genres will be played at Party Monsters including house, drum & bass, and more. There will be local and international DJs present at the event, yet be assured that sound levels will be kept at a low level to ensure safety for children. Going along with the family friendly theme are activities including face painting, ballon animals, arts & crafts areas, and even baby changing and feeding stations. The dance floors will be adorned with objects such as a bubble machine to entertain children. And of course kids can take a break from dancing at the Chill Out Zone which will feature an array of tunnels, ball pools and tents.

The creators of the event are Tim Woodstock and Vip Patel. Woodstock is the creator of Bassworx, a drum & bass night in Dubai, while Patel is creator of the Dubai Dad blog. Both are family men and veterans of Dubai’s nightlife scene who have come together to fill a need for music entertainment for the family.

“We’ve paid attention to detail and given a lot of thought to what our audience would like in an afternoon to unwind and listen to good music from back in the day, and better yet, share it with their families,” – Woodstock

The theme of Party Monsters first event will be “Jungle Friends”. It will be held at the Steigenberger Hotel in Business Bay with tickets already on sale at www.platinumlist.netThe fee includes access to all areas and a party bag with glow sticks, earplugs and discount vouchers to some of Dubai’s top family attractions.