Ed Sheeran Received A Tour Stopping Injury From Bicycle Accident

Pop megastar Ed Sheeran has reportedly been in a bicycling accident and has suffered an injury to his right arm. He is currently in progress of seeeking out professional medical advice as to how to proceed with his current tour.

It has been reported that it is imperative for him to seek out careful and proper care. It is still unsure just how serious the injury can be and whether or not to continue performing live shows is a good idea with such an issue. Being that Sheeran is known for performing usually with his guitar, this injury is one I’m sure he will not be taking lightly.

Sheeran who is not unknown to the EDM culture, due to various remixes of his hit, “Shape Of You” by various different DJ’s in the scene, has come out and stated, “Please stay tuned for further news.”

We wish Sheeran a speedy recovery and hope that this injury does not affect any of the upcoming tour dates he has yet to perform at in the U.S. as well as hinder any future projects he may have had up his sleeve.