Selena Gomez Shares Cringeworthy Cover Art for Marshmello Collab

Marshmello Wolves

Singer Selena Gomez and producer Marshmello are apparently releasing a surprise sequel to the Twilight movies tomorrow. Selena shared the cringeworthy cover art to their new collaboration ‘Wolves’ on Instagram ahead of the release, and boy does it raise more questions than it answers.

I've been running through the jungle, I've been crying with the wolves… 10.25

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From the “inspired” decision to use the moon as the ‘O’ in the title WOLVES, to the somehow simultaneously underlit and backlit Marshmello head, to the wolf howling in the wrong direction, this cover has it all. It’s hard to believe that both megastars’ art departments are on strike, but that’s the only logical conclusion to be drawn here. It looks like a meme of the actual album art.

Selena captioned the post “I’ve been running through the jungle, I’ve been crying with the wolves… 10.25”  hinting at lyrics and the October 25th release date.

Marshmello and Selena have both had a huge year in 2017 with previous collaborations ‘Silence‘ and ‘It Ain’t Me‘ respectively. ‘Wolves’ will hopefully prove to be less WTF than the album art. Seriously, if this was the final cut what did their other options look like?