Chainsmokers Prank Unsuspecting Shoppers in Tommy Hilfiger Store

Earlier this year The Chainsmokers were named the faces of Tommy Hilfiger‘s brand new fall line. They debuted a number of various pieces each designed with the help of Tommy himself. The line has rolled out in select Tommy Hilfiger stores, and if that wasn’t enough, the duo decided to drum up even more buzz and interest for the line. They decided to go to a store and prank some of the unsuspecting shoppers with the help of Fuck Jerry and Krispy Shorts.

The comical pranks range wide. One involves deceiving customers into thinking a member of the duo is about to get fired and could use some praise before that happens. Another involves trying to fool guests into thinking the guys from “The Chainsmokers” are actually the hotter version of the in-store duo.

Mixed reactions from the shoppers include a subtle burn by one of the guests who happens to have heard some mixed reviews. Watch them in the funny video segment above.