Alpha 9 – Lily

Alpha 9 Lily

Alpha 9 – Lily

Arty who has expanded his presence in the dance music industry with his project Alpha 9 has come out with a new track. ‘Lily‘, which recently came out on the back of his latest for Anjunabeats label called ‘Skin’ is making quite the wave. It is off Flashover Recordings and sounds mighty promising.

‘Skin’ is a lit up progressive track that begin with a rising percussion and soon hits the sweet sounding first trough. The song clearly proves that Arty is back with his signature uplifting trance which put him on the map in the first place. His rework of ‘Peace Of Mind still sends us in a bubble of nostalgia that is many of our’s happy place. It also kept him in our heads while he was on a break. His fans are glad he is back and this time with a bang. We highly recommend the track as it is a mood-lifter and a fabulous trancey tune. I guess we can safely say No Arty, No Party.

Alpha 9 – Lily | Download

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