Skrillex Produced a Sick Track for His Videographer’s Video

Oh Skrillex, when will we finally see another release that isn’t a collab? While fans everywhere continue to wonder, Skrillex isn’t avoiding solo productions completely. As it turns out, he put one together and threw it up on YouTube today for his videographer Jas Davis.

If you follow Skrillex on social media you’ll see Jas in Snapchat or Instagram with Skrilly, and he honestly looks like he could be his younger brother. Jas put together a sick YouTube video of his recent visuals and video clips he’s done recently, calling the video Friendly Fire. The video was accompanied by an equally sick Skrillex track! “Friendly Fire” sounds like the Skrillex of 2012 met up with 2017 Sonny and they did a collaboration. While the video and the track might be awesome, don’t hold your breath for a release. Surely the internet community will play with this demo and give it a life of its own. Check it out above!