Nocturnal Wonderland Decreases Arrest Numbers In 2017 With Only 68 Arrested, 3 Hospitalized

Insomniac’s oldest festival Nocturnal Wonderland is still running and still in its original birthplace of Southern California. Ravers migrated from all across the world last weekend to see DJs like Claptone, Mija, Zomboy, GTA and many more. However, we’re seeing one change in particular this year, in a great way: less arrests and hospitalizations.

The 2017 event held a different focus for the Insomniac team than in past years. They wanted to do this festival a little differently by focusing more on the quality of the experience and also make it a smaller festival than what Nocturnal has grown into over the years. Whether directly or indirectly, at the end of the day, this event was able to minimize its damage as compared to last year.

Last year there was 111 arrests on just the first days of the event, this year had only 33. The second day last year had 141 arrests, with only 35 this year. There was a small total of 68 people arrested at Nocturnal this year. 18 people were arrested on drug charges and 17 more on drug related counts. 3 people were hospitalized, but no fatalities have been reported.

All in all, it sounds like it was quite a successful event for Insomniac and their headliners. We’re always excited to see event production companies working to change their environment for the better and hope that this downward trend continues through Insomniac’s future events.