Martin Garrix is Victorious with his Spinnin’ Records Music Rights & Lawsuit

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is Victorious with his Spinnin’ Records Music Rights & Lawsuit


For many up-and-coming and big-name DJs, Spinnin’ Records has been a forceful and compelling source for the artists to progress in the EDM industry. In the past, the legendary Martin Garrix has collaborated with the well-known Dutch record label in order to assist with his rise to fame. However, the producer has recently put their relationship on blast as he has indicated that the company did not treat him fairly when it came to his music rights – which left him no other option but to bring them to court. Today, the determined musician’s prayers were answers as he has won the rights to his music that he had previously signed over to Music All Stars management company and Spinnin’ Records.

Many court cases take quite a long period of time to finalize. Even though Garrix is currently ranked number 1 on the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s list that does not imply that his fame will grant him a quicker process with the courts. The Dutch artist had first initiated the suit back in the summer of 2015 ensuring that it was well-documented that the Music All Stars and Spinnin’ Records acted unprofessionally as well as allegedly demanded €3.7 million and €650,000 from the companies.

As anticipated by the producer’s team, including his lawyer, Oktay Düzgün, both of the businesses launched a counter-suit alleging the abandonment of the DJ’s contractual obligations which lost them more than €6.4 million in revenue.

This case actually dates further back than 2015 as the young artist claims that he was “fooled” into immediately signing away the rights to his songs when he had signed a management and contract dating back to 2012. Furthermore, it was renewed in 2013.

The plot thickened as Düzgün alleged that there was a conflict of interest by both of the involved businesses in which are run by Eelko van Kooten. He continues by stating that van Kooten allegedly tricked Garrix and his father by telling them this combination deal was their sole choice in the matter.

Today fans are relieved to hear that several judges in the Lelystad court in Netherlands have ruled in favor for the musician by agreeing that there was, in fact, a conflict of interest and by continuing to confirm that van Kooten could have protected himself, and the label, by bringing in a third party arbiter. Happiness continues to flow through the air as Garrix gets the rights back to his chart-topping tracks such as “Animals”

Lastly, Spinnin’ Records are still carefully reading the decision to understand the 56-page document in its entirety stating the final decision. They will continue to support some of the biggest names in the EDM industry such as Don Diablo and Tiesto. As for Van Kooten, he has recently sold the label to Warner and has exited the company – however, his interests remain engaged as he will continue to study the ruling and advise accordingly on if an appeal should be filed. Congratulations to Martin Garrix on the win!