Founder Of Playboy Hugh Hefner Dies At 91; EDM Community Shares Condolences On Social Media

Hugh Hefner, the Founder of Playboy Magazine and Playboy Enterprises, has just passed away yesterday at age 91 at his home in California.

Hefner started his business in 1953 with a $600 loan and $8000 from different investors, including his mother. He managed to publish the first edition of the Playboy Magazine in 1953, which was immediately a huge success and created a revolution in the industry of adult content.

In spite of being mostly known for its explicit graphics, the Playboy Magazine soon became a cult for its readers. It included not only nudity but also touched other sensitive topics such as politics, culture and sports. As the empire expanded, Playboy Enterprises developed a full line of clothing, fragrances and other accessories, thus making the brand ‘Playboy’ appraised by the female sector as well, leaving the stigma of male-only oriented products behind.

As of his personal life, Hefner was first married in 1949 to Mildred Williams, with whom he had two children. They divorced after a decade together, when he started to have endless relantionships with girls from the Playboy Mansion, also known as ‘Playmates‘. He was known to have multiple girlfriends at a time, bringing a whole new concept about sexuality and monogamy. He married two times more, and had two more children.

Hefner built up an image of a bon vivant, a person who enjoys the good things in life. Always surrounded by gorgeous women, his luxurious lifestyle is an aspiration for many people all over the world.

The EDM community is already mourning the loss, and artists such as Valentino Khan and Brownies & Lemonade are using Twitter to express their condolences.


Our thoughts go to his friends, family and followers. He will be dearly missed.