Google’s Pixel 2 Phones Leak

We know all about the iPhone 8 and the expensive new iPhone X, so next up is Google’s 2017 smartphones to be unveiled. Ahead of Google’s October 4 unveil event, some fresh leaks are giving us a slew of details on the upcoming Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Both phones will reportedly be sold through the Google Store but will also be sold by Verizon. Google will offer interest-free financing plans on the phones when they go on sale. There is also speculation that the Pixel 2 XL pricing may end up lower to match the iPhone 8 which starts at $799. All will be revealed on October 4.

Pixel 2

Colors: Kinda Blue, White, Black

Storage: 64GB or 128GB

Price: $649 or $749

Pixel 2 XL

Colors: Black/White, Black

Storage: 64GB or 128GB

Price: $849 or $949