DJ Snake Unveils New Track Atop Iconic Parisian Landmark

DJ Snake Makes History On Top of Arc de Triomphe

There are few other DJs as vocal about their Parisian pride than DJ Snake. He wears the city like a badge of honor and embeds the french spirit in every gesture that he makes. It made sense then when he announced that a live stream would take place in an undisclosed location in his hometown of Paris. Nothing however, could of prepared us for the spectacular event that would play out on both Facebook and Instagram Live.

The live set took place high above the iconic Arc de Triomphe overlooking the glorious Parisian night skyline. This feat is the first of it’s kind, as no other artist has ever performed on top of the historic landmark. Truly, a triumphant moment.

The Eiffel Tower could be seen glowing at a distance while DJ Snake performed a culmination of his biggest hits in the 20 minute live mix. Perhaps the most intriguing and surreal aspect of the entire show was the juxtaposition of DJ Snake’s elaborate stage set with the hustle and bustle backdrop of the city. The production itself was undoubtedly rehearsed and fore-planned, but the scene outside of the theatrics was all very organic. No scene better shows this striking contrast than the pan of the moving cars on the ground. Driving, in a “business as usual” manner, completely unfazed by the unfolding event above. The stunning display of cinematography was directed by none other than Grammy Award-winning director Colin Tilley. Colin has directed countless music videos for artists all across the industry, including Kendrick Lamar, Diddy, and Skrillex.

DJ Snake closed out the show with a debut of his new track “A Different Way.” Listen to his song at approx 19:52, and re-watch the live-stream below.