Devault Gets Called Out Via Twitter For Ripping Off Music

It is certainly not unusual for DJs and producers to draw inspiration from other artists – but sometimes it may take a turn for the worst and evolve into ripping off another artist’s sound rather than creating one’s own fresh beats. Devault has been called out by Ekali on Twitter for taking the style of another producer and calling it his own.

A Reddit user shared the thread where Devault was called out on Twitter. The artist later deleted his response within the thread. A few weeks ago, Pham had exposed Devault for using stems he didn’t produce in an Alunageorge remix. The stems that Pham spoke of were unreleased beats, as he later explained in a different thread, but he had previously given Devault fair warning.

In his next tweet, Pham shows Twitter which remix he is talking about. Ekali chimes in to reveal that this is not the first time Devault has taken another artist’s work. Devault remixed Kehlani’s ‘Undercover‘, which, according to Ekali, shared the same sound design as Whethan’s ‘City of the Rose’ remix.

Ekali expressed his disappointment in the unoriginal sounds. Devault responded that the similarity in sound was due to a miscommunication, but Ekali – being a producer himself – was not accepting that explanation because it was not Devault’s first offense of music thievery.

Ekali calls out Devault

Devault’s Twitter response has since been deleted, but we have a feeling this may not be the end of it.