California’s Domestic Dispute Results in Million Dollar Shrooms Seizure

Magic Mushroom Bust

Domestic disputes and magic mushrooms seem to be occasional recurring factors when it comes to rowdy house parties. Recently, the two have collided once more as the Berkeley law enforcement officers have found a whopping 700 pounds of psilocybin – AKA “magic” mushrooms. The approximate street value is an incredible $1 million! The department has continued to go on record to declare that a massive cultivation and sales operation of the illegal contraband have also been found, ignited by a simple domestic disturbance phone call.

The story all began when the California police officers entered the home in the 1700 block of Alcatraz Avenue around 10PM on Saturday, September 23, 2017, since they had received a call about an alleged domestic dispute. It was not immediately clear as to what the dispute was caused by, but there was no doubt that there was something strange about to unveil. Upon their arrival, they were abruptly told by a 35-year-old male and his 37-year-old girlfriend that they would not be granting them access to their home and that they would personally not be leaving the premise, under any circumstances, confirmed in a statement released on Monday by a police officer.

The plot thickened as the two were detained this past weekend due to their actions and behaviors towards the law. Furthermore, the police have stated that when they entered their home they “discovered a large scale psychedelic mushroom processing operation”.

“I’ve been a cop for 17 years, and it’s very rare to see mushrooms in this quantity,” Sgt. Andrew Frankel, spokesman for the Berkeley Police Department stated.

“In plain view were psilocybin mushrooms in various stages of cultivation as well as storage and distribution materials,” the police department confirmed in a statement. “The Berkeley Police Department takes great pride in ridding the community of dangerous narcotics.”

The mischievous duo were arrested and placed into Alameda County Jail. They have been rightfully charged directly for narcotics. Furthermore, more than $3,000 in hard cash was recovered from the location.

“It certainly makes you wonder what sparked the argument,” Frankel expressed. One thing is for certain, discovered a large scale psychedelic mushroom processing operation is an accomplishment that will be well-recognized among the California police department.