[Interview] BRKLYN Release “I’m On Somethin'”

Ever since BRKLYN‘s release of their hit single ‘Steal Your Heart‘ in 2015, the duo have been gaining recognition left and right. In 2016, they released another their second hit, ‘Can’t Get Enough‘ which featured Mariah McManus on vocals. After releasing ‘Heart of the City‘ earlier this year, BRKLYN is set to release their second single of the year, ‘I’m On Somethin‘ which features Jocelyn Alice on vocals. You can check out their new track below as well as an interview that we had with them.

Can you tell me more about the production process of your new single “I’m On Somethin’?”

We wrote the song in Lake Arrowhead in a cabin. We just started in on a guitar and were just kind of sitting around, jamming, plucking some chords and then all of a sudden it just came together. We tracked vocals up there, came back to our home studio, finished off the production, very natural and effortlessly. The energy with her(Jocelyn Alice) is so great and we just get along and like we laugh more than work you know? Sometimes it takes weeks to produce a song, this one we wrote and recorded in one day.

You guys have been touring for a while now. You guys have a show at Premier Nightclub tomorrow night, you guys played a LAVO in New York recently, what’s next for you guys? Where do you guys want to go from here?

We’ve always played guitar, I mean we will always DJ but our long term goal is to perform live as a band. I think the festivals will slowly break in, we just want to play at new spots that we’ve never played before, new countries. We have the Vegas residency too with the Hakkasaan group so we are super busy with them as well.

Breaking out with your hit track “Steal Your Heart” in 2015. When do you think we can expect an album from you guys?

With Enhanced right now, we signed an EP with about 5 songs so we are just releasing the first 2 singles off that and then we will release the whole body of work. We have about 8 new songs and some remixes including one with Judah & the Lion’s number 1 alternative song, “Take It All Back”. That was cool to combine with a folk band so it was a different challenge for us.

On your new EP, can we expect any collaborations?

That one is just us. We just came off our collaboration with Borgeous, we just wanted to do something that represented us. We will actually be singing on two of the songs, playing guitars and one with the vocalist from ‘Steal Your Heart’, Lenachka and the rest we plan to just keep it us.

Are there any dream artists you guys would like to work with?

Yeah of course, Bon Iver is one. Kanye West as well. I always appreciate Kanye, he’s very smart too. Musically he just says shit that makes me say fuck, I wish I thought of that. I think we would just get weird and make something nasty.

A lot of performers have their own pre-show ritual, do you have one of your own?

We always pray together, we are Christian so we always pray together before every show. Prayer and espresso and maybe a jitters shot. Sometimes we have espresso with like a vanilla shot of vodka and it jacks you up and hypes us up for the show.

Is there anything you want to tell our fans?

I think it is important for them to realize how truly thankful we are for them because if we don’t have them, we are literally nothing. If they could continue to show us love, that would be much appreciated.