Festival Attendee Hid a Liquor Stash at Electric Zoo

We have all looked at our bank statements after a festival and wanted to cry. As if the festival entrance, travel and lodging itself wasn’t expensive enough, the cost of drinks inside the festival can often even trump the cost of the festival entrance itself.

This is why this guy, who we will refer to as just ‘Alex‘ to keep his anonymity, came up with a genius plan. Alex went to Randell’s Island weeks before Electric Zoo 2017 even started to set up and bury a water bottle full of vodka.

Alex watched as the festival crew came in and started to set up stages and tents and prepare the grounds. Luckily, he was able to pick a spot for his buried treasure that would not be disturbed by the preparations of the festival. He then attended Electric Zoo, found where he had buried his booty and dug it up to enjoy. This takes some serious planning but probably helped him hundreds of dollars. Now while we cannot say we officially endorse this kind of behavior, this is down right genius.

People have gone to many lengths to save some money at festivals. From smugling liquor bottles in a hair bun to hiding a beer can in a burrito people have continued to find creative ways to sneak in prohibited items. What’s the most outlandish thing you’ve ever done to try and save a couple bucks at a music festival?