Above & Beyond Unveil New Track at Electric Zoo

Above & Beyond have gone beyond requiring an introduction. More often than not the name speaks for itself. They premiered a new track at their last weekend’s epic Electric Zoo set. The track is played out in rain as emotions ran high and we see hugs exchanged in the crowd. Perhaps this is a routine when it comes to the trio’s sets.

Earlier during the act Jono and Paavo summoned the kings and queens of Electric Zoo to Push The Button during their legendary track ‘Sun & Moon‘. We are still waiting for further news on the new track, however it seems to be one for the musically auspicious occasion of Group Therapy 250 at The Gorge Amphitheatre next weekend.

The track sounds like another Progressive/Modern Trance number and has every bit of soul attached to it that Above & Beyond are well known for. Jono and Paavo had reserved a Push The Button for themselves where they played and pushed ‘Blue Sky Action‘ under a not such a blue sky. Nevertheless, the set was an nostalgic bomb that burst and engulfed everyone in its jubilant arms. Listen to a small clip of the track below.