LIV Reopened This Weekend With Skrillex

In less than a decade, Miami Beach’s LIV Nightclub at the Fontainebleau has risen to the top of the nightlife food chain in Miami and the world alike. Already an iconic event space readily associated with high-quality, upscale nightlife reminiscent of Ibiza or Las Vegas, LIV is further cementing its name among the greats of next-level partying and conspicuous consumption. It was closed for the first time since its inception (nine years ago) for 9 weeks in order to receive $10 million in upgrades.

Among many upgrades they added a 410-motor spider which “creates this experience unlike any other nightclub,” says Mo Garcia, VP of Operations at LIV, in the video tour below. “We knew it was time to renovate. We knew we needed something extra and we wanted to take pride in being ahead of the curve in the nightclub industry.”

The massive LED beast was designed by Steve Lieberman who is the owner of SJ Lighting and the EDM lighting mastermind behind all the flashing mega lights at Ultra and Electric Daisy Carnival. The Spider is a colossal, seven-legged beast of several dozen staggered LED screens that extend across the breadth of the ceiling.

The feet are connected to towering LED columns that border the main dance floor, enveloping the club in one continuous vision. At the push of a button, the room can sparkle or sizzle; wave after wave of flames or rainbow spectrums flow to and fro. The Spider will pulsate dozens of feet above the heads of guests, creating an effect that makes each ring, each layer, and each screen appear to float and operate independently.

While the club isn’t slated to officially open until October, this weekend served as a sneak peak with Travis Scott performing friday and Skrillex hitting the decks on Saturday. From our point of view, the Spider along with the rest of the makeover seems well worth the hit of temporarily closing a major cash cow. We look forward to seeing it for ourselves at Miami Music Week next year!