Eric Prydz’ “Call On Me” Reached #1 In UK Charts 13 Years Ago

You may know him as Pryda or Cirez D, but before the various monikers came Eric Prydz, and his undoubtedly most famous track which propelled him to stardom, “Call On Me”. The track reached #1 in the UK charts 13 years ago this week, if you can believe it!

As if Call On Me wasn’t epic enough on its own, the music video made it a million times more memorable and undoubtedly converted quite a few people into electronic music lovers. Casual EDM fans probably only know Eric Prydz for this famous track, but the knowledge Eric fans know that Eric despises the track. There are a number of reasons, but the music video is a large part in it. The entire thing was one of the most “mainstream” things he’s ever agreed to do. In fact, Eric flat out refuses to ever play it out live – so don’t expect to hear it when you go see him. Regardless of all of that, “Call on Me” helped catapult Eric Prydz into the ears of millions 13 years ago and he has continued to work his magic since.