The xx Shifts Focus to Techno and Dance Music

The xx is a collective force to be reckoned within the indie-pop arena—while—one-third of their band, Jamie Smith a.k.a. “Jamie xx” has gone on to make waves in the electronic wave pool with his debut solo project In Colour.  

Romy Croft, the band’s sole female lead recently revealed the group’s plans to release new music under a fresh dance-centric sound. Speaking with Australia’s The Courier, she was quick to dispel assumptions that the dance music was all Jamie’s, when it was actually produced by Romy and Oliver, then inspected by Jamie. According to Romy, they were so inspired by Jamie’s solo venture that they decided to sit down and craft their own electronic sound, only to be told by Jamie they had to “slow it down.”

The xx’s sound is infectiously visceral and ever-evolving, so this time around they have plans to shift focus to a more upbeat dance-worthy sound. Seeing their crowds dance is a major inspiration for their new upcoming sound.

Look out for that new music in the coming months, and read the full interview with Courier here.