Truitt & Light House – Tokyo

Truitt & Light House - TokyoTruitt & Light House – Tokyo

Brother and sister producer duo, Truitt, just released their latest single, ‘Tokyo‘, with Light House on the Orange Record Label. ‘Tokyo’ comes as one the first singles to release since Truitt’s major success of TRUITT EP last year. Their hit track ‘Fallback‘ has been streamed more than 600k times and can be heard on the playlists of your favorite clothing stores including H&M and Zara. When commenting on their latest track ‘Tokyo’, they stated:

“‘Tokyo‘ is a representation of an exotic and vibrant experience you could share with someone, but being overwhelmed with logistics. 

We had a few different versions of the track, but when we heard Light House’s interpretation of it, the song came to life and gave us that euphoric feeling we wanted people to feel when we wrote the lyrics.”

You can check out full track below.