SAYMYNAME & 4B HARD Summer 2017 Sets

Hard Summer

HARD Summer Sets: SAYMYNAME & 4B

HARD Summer has come and gone – leaving us with some incredible sets from the weekend. With so many amazing DJ’s in the lineup it’s hard to choose favorites. Most noteworthy, however, are these two stand out sets are from trap gods SAYMYNAME and 4B.

SAYMYNAME threw down one of the hardest sets of the summer at HARD. SAYMYNAME tweeted about his HARD set saying that it was one of the craziest sets he’s played. He’s not lying when he said the set is crazy. It’s ridiculous. The set never slows down and SAYMYNAME keeps the energy high throughout. It features extremely heavy trap and Hip Hop. Head bang and move your feet to this ridiculously “HARD” set.

4B does a similar job in keeping the energy high, but 4B has a more traditional trap style compared to SAYMYNAME’s screeching drops. Furthermore, music and collaborations from Diplo & Lil Peep and Future & Flosstradamus are teased throughout the set. 4B’s set is right up your ally if you crave grimy bouncy trap. You can listen to both of these incredibly HARD sets down below.