Pendulum’s Management Kept the Band Together, Not Rob Swire

Since 2002, the electronic rock and drum and bass band Pendulum have been making waves in the electronic dance music world as they have established themselves as legends thanks to their creative sound. Recently, the band announced some incredible changes to the overall technology that their show includes, as well as releasing a shocking statement that the talented group may not have stayed together if it wasn’t for their management’s encouragement.

This coming weekend, the British/Australian act is getting ready to headline London’s South West Four Festival. Since the band’s iconic return debuting at Ultra Music Festival 2016, they have not played a live performance in the capital city, making this a highly anticipated event for many. Not only can fans expect an impeccable performance from the group – they can also count on the technology to be top notch during the soon-to-be infamous live performance.

Pendulum’s frontman, Rob Swire, has been wrapped up in the many great changes. However, recently he took the time to speak with NME about the band’s overall journey. When asked about the new show, he stated:

“We’re completely revamping the technical side of the show, which should mean audiences are going to hear us sound better than ever before. Technology has evolved to the point that I can make changes to the band mix from my hotel room, give it to our engineer on a USB stick, and then we can play a show using that exact same mix.”

As life goes, things can’t always be perfect. The frontman has also indicated that if their management didn’t step into ensuring that the band reunites, he would not have gone along with the plans to come back together. However, Swire continued to confess:

“But there was always a voice at the back of my mind that kept saying ‘you have to do it again at some point – it’ll be fun, stop being such a stubborn c**t’, and that’s probably why I said yes.”

Regardless of what happened in the past, fans and fellow supporters are overjoyed that the iconic band is back together and ready to shake things up with their technology. We can only hope that moving forward we continue to see more amazing updates and performances.