Check Out This Nightclub Inside An Airplane

high-fi bali nightclub

This Nightclub’s Taking Off – Get Your Passport Ready

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Bali’s taken things to a whole new level with a new pop-up nightclub appropriately named, “High-Fi“. Oh, and did we mention it takes place inside an abandoned DC-10 plane?

The club takes place above the well-known street market, The Gate88, and is very easy to find. Some cities have skylines featuring unique towers and buildings; Bali has a massive tail of an airplane sticking out, commanding attention from passer-bys. The pop-up club took flight due to the efforts of the party-starting crew, (re)Set, a group who often hosts events with Rampue. High-Fi is currently scheduled for takeoff the first Saturday of each month. The best part? Dope music and no airplane food.