Mixmag Names Dirtybird Label Of The Decade

Every year the popular Mixmag lets readers to vote online for the record label they think has been the most impactful over the last decade. The last 10 years have been big for dance music, with so much progression and change it’s a totally different scene than it was before. The emergence of new sounds and styles, new labels and new artists has brought so much music to the table for everyone across the world. The ‘Label Of The Decade’ title is quite an accomplishment. Mixmag published the top 50 labels that were voted on by their fans and winning #1 was Dirtybird Records.

Anyone around dance music has heard of Dirtybird and house fans know them well from their reputation for funky beats and non-stop dance parties. Based in San Francisco California, the Dirtybird label brings a very unique style of house that is unmatched and has a deep fan base worldwide. They hold their own events like the Dirtybird Campout, Dirtybird BBQ’s and even the Dirtybird Quarterly’s that they do four times a year in SF. If you go to these events you can see in action the dedication to these artists and this label, and the huge following they command. Congratulations to Dirtybird, we can’t wait to see what you do next!