Meet Mix’d, The New Dating App for EDM Lovers

There’s Now Basically A Techno Tinder Out There.

No longer do you have to match with someone on Tinder, only to find out they just listen to 80’s hair metal. The new dating website created by Mathias Krizanac was created specifically for techno fans all over the world. The site was created to bring the fans together to share their love of the same genre, but it also kind of brings people together for a different kind of love.

Mix’d is much less complicated than your previous relationships. All you have to do is create your account, then select your favorite DJs and musicians. They also have a surprisingly large database, and can even find the most obscure artists. The algorithm conveniently suggests similar artists based on the ones you’ve already selected, so it doesn’t actually take that long to create your profile.

Mix’d doesn’t stop there; it’s also connected to your Facebook account. No, that’s not so your potential dates can see those embarrassing baby photos your mom has you tagged in, but rather to let you import your upcoming events. It will then match you with people who have the same taste in music and parties. All you have to do is swipe right or left.