Louis The Child Gives us Unreleased Music

Louis The Child Gives us Unreleased Music

The duo known as Louis The Child has seen an astronomical rise to fame in the past year. They built their stardom on a unique sound and solidly produced remixes of pop songs that everyone can enjoy. Following the release of their Love Is Alive EP the duo have been relatively quiet in terms of releasing music. This may be due to the fact that they have been touring hitting most major cities and even playing a set at EDC.

Fans of Louis The Child no longer have to hold their breath because the duo just released a 25-minute mix of some unreleased music that they’ve been holding onto for the past few years. They posted a picture on Facebook on August 1st that seems to be file names of the unreleased music.

Unreleased Candy

They proceeded to release the mix of unreleased music titled ‘Candy’ the next day. The mix sounds pretty experimental, but it still carries the familiar vibe of their music which isn’t surprising seeing as how it’s all music from over the years. Check it out below.

Louis The Child – Candy | Download