Laidback Luke Shares His Thoughts On DJ Mag Top 100

It is no surprise to anyone that Laidback Luke is not a fan of the DJ Mag Top 100 poll. He believes that the poll results reflect the most “popular DJ” or the “best producer” opposed to the best DJing skills. In the Luke’s latest vlog, he shared his thoughts on the annual poll and how it has transformed throughout the years.

Laidback Luke began the vlog by enlightening viewers of the origins of the poll. When the DJ Mag Top 100 first began in 1991, the results were based off of journalist insights opposed to a popular vote system which was adopted in 1997. Since then, many DJs began spending large amounts of money to market themselves to the public in hopes of gaining a higher rank in the poll. Not long after, the results reflected the most popular DJs opposed to the most skilled DJs. Luke then proclaimed that if the poll results were up to him, the top spot would belong to either A-Trak, Qbert or Kraze.

Luke concludes his vlog by reminding fans who the poll really hurts. As a DJ climbs up the rankings, their position is reflected to how much the artist get paid by venues to perform. As the cost to book a DJ increases, the price of tickets to see these DJs perform will rise as well. Therefore Luke claims that it is indeed the fans that are the ones who are hurt the most by the poll. He then states that the best ways to support your favorite artists are to attend their shows and stream their music. You can check out the whole vlog below.