Kaskade Drops New Linkin Park Mashup In Memory of Chester Bennington

This past weekend, Tomorrowland took center stage in the EDM world. One of the standout sets from the festival was from California native and DJ superstar, Kaskade. His set was full of wild drops and recognizable vocals, but one song in particular seemed to stand out more than the rest.

In honor of the late Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, Kaskade unleashed a mashup with Linkin Park’s “Numb,” Tchami & Malaa’s “Prophecy,” and J-trick & Tom Budin’s “Heard Right” that was truly epic and appropriate. It was a perfect tribute to Chester Bennington. The kicks and melodies weren’t too hard as to overshadow and distract from “Numb’s” vocals. Kaskade masterfully creates fluid mashups as if it were an art form. This one is no different. You can hear Kaskade’s entire Tomorrowland set below along with the “Numb vs. Prophecy vs. Heard Right” rip from the set.