Gareth Emery’s New Show Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen

Gareth EmeryYou don’t have to be a trance fan to appreciate the beauty of lasers when they’re in perfect harmony; but does that ever really happen? In actuality, not all that much. The lasers are always a bit out-of-sync or even if they are in perfect timing, they’re running on childish rainbow patterns or something. You’ve probably occasionally seen stuff that looks like it was stolen straight from someone’s yard on Halloween.

If that sums up your experiences, we’re sorry. However, we have something to make up for it, and it’s something you’ve never seen before. Gareth Emery just announced that for the last year, he’s been developing a show completely devoted to the lasers, and he’s debuting it in New York this November. It involves putting a record-breaking amount of lasers in T5 and basically warping your mind.

Tickets won’t be on sale for another few weeks, but head on over to to catch them the moment they are available!

Gareth Emery Laserface