Expanding the Social Understanding of Electronic Dance Music


Here’s a feel good warm up read for your next show or festival. Lindsay Harjack of Highlark.com worked on a capstone project that focused on the positive impacts EDM culture has had on its fans. In the motivational article entitled “EDMC: The Expanding of Social Understanding and Acceptance of Electronic Dance Music Culture” Harjack interviews 10 members of the EDM community on the impact and significance EDM has had on their lives. Referring to EDM Culture as “EDMC” she aims to earn the movement a respectful nod of approval from the non-EDM world.

The results of Harjack’s project are uplifting and inspiring. If you haven’t been to a festival in a while you’ll be itching to go to one after reading it. EDMC, as Harjack refers to it, is a cultural movement where you can be who you want to be without judgement. It brings people together as a family and offers an escape from reality – whether it be “trouble at work or discomfort of being oneself”. And of course what would a festival be without meeting a potential lifelong friend? According to one of Harjack’s interviewees festivals are where you can find that individual who can better you either in the moment or for life.

Dispelling stereotypes of EDMC was also discussed and the subject targeted how drugs have often been associated with EDM. Through all of the interviews conducted all stated “people associate this culture with drugs, unless they are apart of the culture.” Harjack addresses the agonizing issue of people having negative bias on EDM culture due to their lack of exposure. It is because this lack of exposure that some people write off EDM and miss out of the true meaning of it’s culture.

The project serves as a call for people “to not judge a book by it’s cover” and give EDM a try. Elevating EDMC to a movement of the young generation Harjack offers a warm and nostalgic look into moments we as EDM fans have all experienced.

EDMC is unique. It is sensational. It is now.

Video and Information Courtesy of Lindsay Harjack

Source: Highlark.com