Producer, DJ & Instrumentalist El Diablo is a certified bass music sorcerer and his sets are nothing short of legendary in the SF Bay Area underground scene. A powerful & energetic force on the decks, El Diablo was one of the original DJ’s responsible for defining “the MalLabel sound” at the label’s inception and has wrote some of MalLabel Music’s biggest tracks including the label’s theme song “Rollin with My Crew”. His subsequent EP, “Devil in the Machine” topped the Beatport charts for several weeks, getting solid support from heavyweights such as Liquid Stranger and a feature on Excision’s renowned Shambhala mix. 

His newest EP, The Last Upper, opens up with a spaced out arpeggio building up to some massive intergalactic bass tones in ‘Another World‘ before picking up Nim 1 to drop some lyrical game over that bass dropped low in ‘A New Dope‘. ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘ takes the mood subtly esoteric with the creep show driving the atmosphere before the title track trips out the experimental game this man is known for. Next up he gets down with Mochipet to take ‘Brains‘ to the next level dual-experimentalist, glitched out mastery before rounding off the EP with ‘Still On Every Corner‘ and a little multi-genre, trap & bass, hybrid roller. You can check out the entire EP on Soundcloud below.

El Diablo – The Last Upper