MTV VMA’s Ignores Most Viewed Music Video on Youtube

‘Despacito’ is a song you probably heard quite a bit this summer unless perhaps you’re living in the middle of the Amazon – even then, Luis Fonsi‘s voice is probably somehow weaving its way through the jungle. It’s so popular, in fact, that it rapidly rose to the position of being the most-viewed YouTube video ever. So how is it, that it didn’t even earn a nomination at MTV’s Video Music Awards?

It turns out that the video wasn’t even submitted for consideration, but how? A spokesperson for UMLE told The Associated Press on Monday, “Until last week, MTV hadn’t solicited UMLE (Universal Music Latin Entertainment) to submit the video for consideration”. That means the network hadn’t even asked until two weeks after they had even announced the award show’s nominees.

While the ultra-successful track was not aired on MTV nor MTV2, is has made the rounds on MTV Tres, the company’s Latin channel. So, what does MTV have to say regarding the matter? They told AP on Monday that “the Despacito video was not submitted for consideration”. It has not yet been made clear as to why they waited until after the nominations had already been announced to ask the label for a submission.

So what does Fonsi have to say about the whole situation? He said he hadn’t even noticed his and Daddy Yankee‘s dancefloor filler hadn’t been nominated for the VMA’s. “Awards are very important but what bigger award (is there) than having the most-watched video in the world, in history? It doesn’t get any bigger than that,” says Fonsi. He has a good point.

H/T: Associated Press