Deadmau5 is Swapping Out Purracan for Another McLaren

Deadmau5 has quite the collection in his garage, being one of the select few who got the 2017 Ford GT and the infamous Purrarri that he took on coffee runs and some changes are happening as he tells Twitter his plans to sell the Purracan.

After Ferrarri sent him a cease and desist about the Purrarri, his Nyan Cat wrapped 458 Italia, Joel Zimmerman replaced it with a Lamborghini Huracan and continuing with the puns, he dubbed it the Nyanborghini Purracan. In response to a tweet, the world finds out that he is selling the Purracan to make space for another Meowclaren. If you happen to share the passion for exotic cars, deadmau5 is willing to part with the Purracan for 280k to 300k.

Zimmerman hasn’t revealed too many details other than his plans to purchase the 720s but it definitely won’t be ordinary. McLaren has been supportive of the Meowclaren 650s and deadmau5 is going all out for the next exotic car in his collection.