David Guetta Considered Insuring His Fingers

French DJ, David Guetta, racked up a whopping $25 million over the past year to rank as the 7th highest paid DJ of the year according to Forbes Magazine. With Guetta earning all those Benjamins, he recently received a very interesting word of advice. Guetta shared that his attorney once advised him to insure his fingers in case of an accident that would hinder him from turning the knobs on the decks. When questioned about it by Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, he said “I actually looked into this because my lawyer said ‘You have to insure your fingers’, I said, ‘It sounds too crazy for me.’ I’m not judging anybody, but I didn’t do it.”

It’s a weird thought to consider how your fingers can affect your career but Guetta was not the first musician to consider the procedure. Rolling Stone’s guitarist Keith Richards, Mariah Carey and Dolly Parton have all rumored to have insured body parts in case of emergency.