Bassnectar Surprises Fans With Secret “West Coast Lo Fi” Set at Oregon Eclipse 2017

Oregon Eclipse’s lineup was jam packed with unbelievable artists this past weekend, including SF based producer Lorin Ashton, more commonly known as Bassnectar. Ashton is known to be one of the longest standing and most respected artists in American electronic music and he graced the Eclipse Stage with a killer set. Little did most people know however that he had quite the surprise hidden up his sleeve for some of his true fans to experience.

Ashton has prided himself on keeping most of his musical workings strictly underground, a sentiment that he has continued to foster throughout his career. Back in the earlier 2000s, he began to remaster some of his well known hits like ‘Heads Up’ and ‘Timestretch’ into a much more subdued, down-tempo version and calling it a “West Coast Lo Fi Remix.” In the past, he’s even played low-key “West Coast Lo Fi” sets at gatherings like Symbiosis in 2009. Well, Bassnectar decided to do a separate secret “West Coast Lo Fi” set this year at The Moon Stage and it seems like it was very, very low key.

If you missed it, have no fear because you can watch the set below now. And in the future, keep an eye out for any “West Coast Lo Fi” sets that may pop up at your next festival gathering and catch a glimpse of a much different side of Bassnectar.