Watch Armin van Buuren Drop 5 Hour Festival Set in Romania

Armin van Buuren has such a legendary reputation for a reason. Sure you’re normally going to see him drop an hour long mainstage set, but this man performs 6 hour sets during his Armin Only performances. Give Armin more than an hour and things get really interesting, really fast. Give Armin more than 2 hours, and you’re going deep into A State of Trance.

At Untold Festival in Romania, Armin was booked for a 3 hour mainstage set, but Armin just decided to tack on an extra 2 HOURS to make it a 5 hour mainstage set. While the first 90 minutes or so are a pretty standard Armin mainstage set, things start to go absolutely bonkers as he goes on. In a true testament to the power of feels in trance, Armin is so overcome with emotion he breaks down crying at one point during the set and goes on to explain his decision to play 2 hours over his booking, which you can see in the clip above. You can watch all 5 hours below and have enough music to fuel your workouts for an entire week.