Adam Tell – Foreground [PREMIERE]

Adam Tell – Foreground

Multitalented artist Adam Tell is releasing his third EP entitled ‘Falsework’ and it is a true work of musical creativity. Hailing from the Des Moines, Iowa, Tell uses his “Michael Bubléesque” vocals with a diverse array of electronic production to bring you seven distinct tracks. The EP’s first single ‘Foreground‘, has just been released.

‘Foreground’ serves as the perfect intro to the jam-packed album. It kicks off the EP with an ambient beginning that leads into an intense rhythmic chorus. The exciting single’s instrumentation mirrors Tell’s edgy lyrics such as “Don’t feed me tall tales, I’ll spit ‘em right back at you, You don’t know anything that nobody didn’t tell you”.

Tell keeps ‘Falsework’ light-hearted and explores new musical and lyrical ground with a focus on impermanence and self-improvement. Each track displays Tell’s in-depth knowledge of composition paired with a wide variety of musical effects, instrumentation, and expert lyricism. The album takes you on a journey with the thunderous fast paced track ‘Roll the Tape’, the lustful track ‘Opposites Attack!’ and the heartfelt main track ‘Falsework’. With no aspect of electronic pop being left out of ‘Falsework’ including dashes of dubstep, groovy house, heavy bass, and even complextro, Tell offers the dance music world a fresh breath of originality.

Tell’s previous EP ‘Purpose‘ was released in 2016. The artist has since been collaborating with many artists and seeks to return to his own style with ‘Falsework’. In addition to his album release Tell will be performing his first live show at 515 Alive Music festival in Des Moines, Iowa this August.

Get ready for the rising artist’s talented new EP, coming next week, by giving ‘Foreground’ a listen below.

Adam Tell – Foreground