The ever so light-hearted artist Adam Tell is a voice for thousands of others just like him who are struck throughout the morning and day on their regular job and the daily grind but spend their nights and time off working on their true passion. Adam Tell looks to take his hobby to the next level, dropping off his third EP “Falsework” last Friday. A project packed with emotion, a variety of moods and most importantly a story to tell that’s relatable and relevant.

Known for his depth and scale in production as well as his accessibility and naturalness in his songwriting, Adam Tell has crafted his own unique lane. His artistic skills are across the board cover; from the fine details of production, arrangement and mixing, to lyric writing and vocal delivery. Tell’s last EP, Purpose, released was in early 2016, but since then Adam has been on a collaborating streak, working with a wide range of artists and styles. Now, Adam’s new 7-track EP, Falsework, is set to renew his own sound. The album explores new musical and lyrical ground for him, focusing on the idea of impermanence and self-improvement.

Adam Tell – Falsework EP