Zedd Makes His Poker Debut & Takes Home Serious $$$

The gambling tournament Pokerstars invited DJ Zedd to play in the 2017 Pokerstars championship in Barcelona.

“It’ll be something new for me to attend a tournament as huge as PokerStars Championship Barcelona,” Zedd said. “I’m looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere and playing against some of the world’s greatest poker players.”

He went up against players such as Niall Farrell, Jason Wheeler and Jeff Sarwer but he was knocked out on Level 4. He did however win $51,944 at one point.

“I loved it. Had a drink, talked to some people, found out who they are,”  Zedd told the reporter. “I obviously don’t play poker that much, but the experience I have are fairly quick tournaments, that’s what I always play. Whenever I play at home, it’s usually pretty quick so I’m used to being under pressure. It felt a little easier for me than the long tournaments.”