FDA Approves MDMA for Further Testing to Treat PTSD

The FDA has now labeled MDMA as having “breakthrough” status and is approving the drug for Phase 2 trials for PTSD treatment. The tests will cost approximately $25 million and could be done by the year 2021. Testing of MDMA for PTSD started as early as 2011 in the USA. It is a controversial subject because the drug is known as a party drug but it has also been recognized to have significant health benefits.

People with PTSD suffer from depression, emotional stress, flashbacks and many other symptoms. MDMA and its euphoric, happy effect has already been proven to alleviate some of those things. In previous tests out of 107 subjects, after two months, 61% of them did not show anymore signs of PTSD. After one year 68% did not. If the testing process leads to further successful results, this could eventually lead to a huge achievement in the medical industry and for people suffering from a life impacting disorder.