Now We Know When Google’s Pixel 2 Phones Will Be Unveiled

Googles latest phone the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL have been talked about for a while now and the question of when it will be released has gone around.  Thanks to leaker Evan Blass we now know they’ll be revealed on October 5th.

Both phones will feature an upgraded processor, the Snapdragon 836, which will definitely speed things up. This confirms that the XL is the same phone just in a larger size. The original Pixel was released October 4th last year making the Pixel 2’s release date exactly a year later. The Pixel 2 will have 4GB of RAM, dual front facing speakers, a 4.97 inch screen on the regular size and a 5.99 inch screen on the XL. Keep your eyes open for more leaks before the official release date.