Firebeatz Launch New Label ‘Ignite Recordings’


Dutch duo Firebeatz are no strangers to mainstream EDM. For a decade now, Tim Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar have produced mainstream-worthy music any electro house fan would recognize. With massive tracks such as ‘Dear New York’, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Helicopter’, and ‘No Heroes’, it only seems right that the Firebeatz boys take the next step in their careers.

Today, Firebeatz launch their own music label called Ignite Recordings. The new label will be in partnership with Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music. Fittingly, the inaugural song of the new label is a Firebeatz original called ‘Till the Sun Comes Up’ featuring American vocalist Vertel. Add this one to the long list of dancefloor breakers from Firebeatz. It’s a much deserved first release on the new ‘Ignite Recordings’. Firebeatz spoke to Armada Music about their new venture:

“We’ve always wanted to head up our own label and to do so now in collaboration with Armada Music feels like the right next step to take. As of today, we get to release whatever we want and can contribute to the dance music scene in our own way, with a sound that we think rocks and love to play live. We’re super excited to share our new music with the world on Ignite Recordings, but also thrilled to have it become a platform to introduce new talents to our fans with.”

One can’t help but feel excited for them. They’ve been major influences on the EDM scene for years. Now they finally have their own platform to be creative and to introduce their own brand of artists. From blowing the roof off of major festival performances to remixing some of the hottest pop tracks in the world, Firebeatz seem ready to take the world by storm. ‘Till the Sun Comes Up’ and ‘Ignite Recordings’ have both been released today so make sure to grab a copy and keep an eye for some new Ignite Recordings music.