Vice Shuts Down Dance Music Focused Brand Thump

Vice Thump
The millennial media giant Vice is shutting down Thump, its electronic music dedicated brand and blog. Thump did a good job capturing it’s target audience when it launched in 2013, but the publication will be no more after Vice announced that it will be cutting back jobs globally and laying off two percent of its workforce in the USA, Canada and Europe. In total 60 jobs are being cut.

Vice is known for its uncensored and informative coverage on current events worldwide. The world of electronic dance music was a perfect place for them because of the constant material they could cover. The Rave culture, drug use, fashion trends and worldwide festival industry gave them material to bring to us for years. Vice sports is also being shut down. When Thump was started in 2013, electronic music was on the rise in the United States, and they certainly capitalized on that. There is no shortage of coverage on electronic music, so even without Thump, we don’t believe there will be much of a shortage on the coverage of the music we all love going forward.