Umii Finally Releases Debut EP ‘This Time’


Umii Finally Brings Us This Time

What happens when two incredibly talented artists come together? Umii happens. Umii is the beautiful lovechild of Portland songstress Reva DeVito and funk producer B. Bravo. The two have collaborated numerous times in the past and just recently they finally came together to produce Umii. The band officially released their newest EP today titled This Time via Fresh Selects and boy, is it funky!

Leading up to the release, Umii offered singles “Masquerade” and “Dangerous” to listeners just weeks before. “Masquerade”’s music video is definitely one to watch with its colorful visuals providing a backdrop to DeVito’s soft and sensual vocals as she explains that Masquerade’s lyrics touch on the idea that all of us at some point or another have not lived our total truths, hiding behind the proverbial mask,”. Singing “I could never see your face/ behind the masquerade” DeVito remains mysterious and half-hidden throughout the music video, prompting listeners to further wonder about the message behind the song.

Dangerous” is an upbeat disco anthem with DeVito’s silky smooth vocals dancing over B.Bravo’s catchy instrumental of a plucking bassline. Soulful and funky; “Dangerous” is a single that you can play anywhere at any time. Whether it’s driving late at night or dancing on a beach, this single is dangerously addicting (full pun intended) and sure to keep you grooving on repeat.

Putting a fresh spin on the Indie dance scene, Umii is definitely the band to keep an eye out for this summer as the release of This Time is only their beginning.