U.S Mid-Year Music Report

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Music aficionados! We are half way through the year and it has been a slammed six months so far in regards to music- records have been set, broken, and history has been made this year thus far. A lot of that very music has been listened to via streaming audio, streaming video, and on demand services, and it looks like there is no stop in sight. To record these happenings, a recent Nielsen poll shows how music services are staking up thus far, and it is huge!

Starting out the year Lady Gaga headlined the Super Bowl, which helped spike sales right away. Drake set an unprecedented record for streaming music with 89.9 million streams within 24 hours of More Life, and that was on Apple Music. Spotify reported to have 61.3 million within that same day! Future brought up the ranks with being number 1 with 2 records in consecutive weeks.

To add to the streaming news, in March, streaming music reached an all time high of more than seven billion streams alone. For the first six months of this year alone streaming music has been higher than last year already. There have been 184.3 billion on-demand streams, which is a 62% increase from 2016.

Total audio consumption for track equivalent audio on demand has been 235.5 million, which is up 8.9% from last year. Total audio consumption for equivalent audio and video on demand has been 302.4 million, or 8.1% up from last year. On demand streaming audio and video is at 284.7 billion, up 36.4% since last year! On demand audio only is at 184.3 billion, which is up the striking 62.4% this year! Lastly, on demand streaming video, is at 100.3 billion, which is 5.4% up from last year.

All of those statistics only show what has happened in first half of the year, I can only imagine that the numbers are going to rise as technology and accessibility to music grows rapidly.

U.S. audio consumption for mid-year 2017

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