Thomas Jack Releases New EP with Ry-X/The Acid – “The Versus”

Thomas Jack may have pioneered the “Tropical House” fad, launching the likes of Kygo and Klingande by making mixtapes in his bedroom in Australia, but now, the former tropical house master explores new sounds in his latest “The Versus” EP.

Thomas Jack collaborated with the avant-garde acts of Ry-X and The Acid to create a one-of-a-kind EP that showcases the moodier and darker textures that TJ has become fond of over the years. Growling basslines combine beautifully with Ry-X’s silky smooth voice, creating a hauntingly atmospheric tune that shakes up the traditional house textures we’ve come to know.

Truly genre-defying and boundary-pushing, “The Versus” is a testament to Thomas Jack’s music production talent and integrity as an artist. We’re excited to see where the still very young Australian will go from here. Artists constantly evolve their sounds to explore new genres and reach a wider audience, and TJ is no different.