Tchami – World To Me (feat. Luke James)

Parisian producer Tchami has signaled a new era in his production with the release of his latest single. Officially announcing his forthcoming ‘Revelations EP‘ along with his new single “World to Me” featuring Luke James, Tchami is experimenting with a much more downtempo vibe than the future house genre he helped define.

“World to Me” kicks off with his signature deep house beats we know and love, but quickly transitions into a bell-based melody that was also present in “Adieu.” Luke James’ vocals are a sexy and sultry compliment to the minimal production in “World to Me,” and the song provides an excellent change of pace from Tchami’s debut ‘After Life EP.’ It has become common these days for artists to miss the mark when changing their style up, but that is certainly not the case with Tchami. His two latest tracks likely represent the style the rest of the ‘Revelations EP’ will carry, and we cannot complain one bit. Take a listen to “World to Me” featuring Luke James below, and be warned, it’s going to hit you right in the feels.