Slushii Gets Appendix Surgery in France

Slushii Hospital

The beloved Slushii has been very busy finalizing his forthcoming album, ‘Out of Light’, announcing his upcoming album release and fall tour dates, and frolocking the world with his talented friends to unleash the slushhh. During his most recent performance in Paris, the occupied American producer had to be rushed to the nearest hospital to have his appendix removed.

The unforeseen event was reported through Twitter by the now appendix-free musician. He stated,

“Left my heart in Paris … and also my appendix …”

Although the function of the appendix is unknown, and its removal does not affect the general operation throughout the body, many fans and fellow artists are expressing their sincerest thoughts and concerns for Slushii as he gains back his strength post operation.

Today, the incredible performer has once again taken to Twitter to declare that the “surgery was a success” and that he “feels so much better now”. Fans, friends, family and supporters from around the globe are relieved to hear the great news. With so much positivity flowing through the air today, we can now focus on the future – now, everyone simply cannot wait to see what the new and improved master of slush will bring to the table during his highly anticipated ‘Out of Light’ tour this fall.