Seven Lions Hosts 3rd AMA

seven lions

In anticipation for his newly anticipated E.P. ‘Where I Won’t Be Found’, DJ and producer Seven Lions hosted his 3rd AMA on June 29, 2017.  Jeff (Seven Lions) posted on the social network Reddit that he would do the AMA where anyone could ask him anything they want.

A few highlights from the AMA touch on Jeff’s festival plans and meeting up with his fans – which is always great to see, since .

User 02Alien asked “Are you ever planning to release a full album?”

Jeff said, “I think this latest EP is as close as I will ever get. An album would take so long because I spend so much time on these songs and end up reworking them a bunch.”

the_italianshlingshot asked, “Jeff, your sound is unlike any other artist in this genre, and i’d like to thank you for putting so much effort into the Seven Lions brand…I’ve tried to meet you at a few recent shows and haven’t been able to make it.  Tell me how i get to drink a beer with Sir Montalvo?”

Jeff said, “Thanks! I think Drinking with Strangers is probably the easiest way.  If not that then there is a FB group called The Pride which we always end up running into when we are on the road.”

kimcarmona asked, “Hi Jeff! I am such a fan of your music…
1. Will you be at ABGT250? It would be amazing if you did!
1. What inspired you to get into music? Who were the people that you looked up to? Any mentors?
2. Who would you love to collab with? Any collars coming soon?”

Jeff said, “Well…I live in Washington now so there is no way I am missing ABGT250. And if you were holding off on travel plans i would just say you should definitely start looking into it.
1. My dad is a huge inspiration. He has had musical instruments around the house my whole life. He also taught me guitar, drums and the basics of recording music.
2. Yes, loads. The one with Kill the Noise will probably be next.”

Linked2u asked, “Jeff, I’m a huge fan. So much so that I introduced my wife to your music and your music is now something that we associate with our relationship. After careful consideration my wife and I have the following questions:
1. Can we meet you?
2. Can we have your autograph?
3. Can we have a picture with your autograph?
4. Can we have a hug?
Hope you know this was to at least make you chuckle. Were huge fans and were just hoping you come to utah for your next tour so we can watch your amazingness in action. Thanks for doing this and hope you have a good day!”

Jeff, “Hah, yes to all 4. Emma and I end up hanging out with a lot of people we meet on the road. We’ve made good friends with people we have met and Drinking with Strangers. Not sure if you guys are 21 but thats always a good time.”

It appears Jeff loves his fans, as most artists do, and enjoys interacting with them as much as he can on social media. Jeff’s answers seem to be true to heart and he seems to be a down to earth person with lots of love and energy to give to the community of EDM.