Proximity to Partner With Geffen Records

Interscope Records

Youtube fans might be familiar with Proximity, it has grown from simply a Youtube channel sharing hot new music to a massive organization with over five million subscribers.  From humble beginnings as a social media outlet, it has grown to be so large that it has announced it’s partnership with powerhouse Geffen Records. The Geffen brand itself has a humble, modest beginning, but has grown to be a massive record label.

Geffen was created in the 1970s by media mogul David Geffen. Geffen not only founded the record label, he also founded Asylum Records and DreamWorks, to name a few huge media outlets.  Geffen Records throughout the years has had Elton John, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, Whitesnake, Blink-182, Ashlee Simpson, Nelly Furtado, and Cher, to name a few of the famous artists on their record.

With Proximity signing a deal, it will make it the seventh sub label, which also owns Interscope Records. Not only will the signing help Proximity grow, it will also help sign up and coming EDM artists to a large label. Bringing new artists will make a bold statement in the realm of music to the larger Geffen Records.

Proximity’s first signatory is Bo Talks. Bo Talks created the chill summer sunny sounding ‘Know U Anymore’ with the vocals from Sara Hyland from tv show Modern Family. Blake Coppleson has been chosen to lead the Geffen-Proximity group.

“Proximity has been our family for a long time,” said Neil Jacobsen, President of Geffen Records of the union.  “Blake is a brilliant music mind and I totally believe in him. Having a venture together is something we talked about for a long time and then BOOM – he delivered one of the best first listen hits I have heard in a long time in ‘Know You Anymore.’ Then we were off to the races.”

In 2011, Proximity had 3Lau, Chris Lake, and Lemaitre. Madeon, Kill Paris, and Minnesota all started their careers and were found from the Youtube page. The partnership between Proximity and Geffen is unprecedented, but will surely have a great influence on social media for the future, as well as EDM.